June 2015
Micreos appoints Bert de Vegt as Managing Director of Micreos Food Safety
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Micreos announces outstanding feedback for EU subsidy application.
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September 2014
Micreos participates at the Bacteriophages 2015 event. Micreos Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Steven Hagens, will speak at the Bacteriophages 2015 conference in London, January 27th-29th.
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May 2014
MICREOS has taken a new production wing into operation in order to meet it growing demand for its LISTEX™ and SALMONELEX™ products.                                                                   
Jan 2014
Meet us at IPPE in Atlanta (Jan 28-30). Booth 8047 in Hall B. Technical Presentation on Jan 27 at 10:45 AM in Room B-315                                                                     

Dec 2013
FDA & USDA approve SALMONELEX™ as processing-aid against Salmonella.                                                                                         

Sept 2013
Danish Meat Research Institute (DMRI) presents LISTEX™ efficacy results at ISOPOL XVIII
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June 2013
Antimicrobial Umbrella Helps Deli Supplier Walk Food Safety Tightrope. Deli Brands of America makes informed decision to use LISTEX™ 
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June 2013
North Country Smokehouse in Vermont, An Old School Business Goes New School on Food Safety 
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Februari 2013
German article on Micreos and phages for food safety in Technology Review, the German magazine on innovation:
"Konservieren mit Viren, Ähnlich wie bei Bakterien gibt es auch unter Viren rechtschaffene Spezialisten."
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Februari 2013
Long tail fibres of the novel broad-host-range T-even bacteriophage S16 specifically recognize Salmonella OmpC
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October 2012
Millions affected by foodborne illnesses
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August 2012
FSANZ approves LISTEX™ as a processing aid.
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May 2012
Third-deadliest US outbreak avoidable                                                                                                                                                    More info 

March 2012
EFSA confirms safety Listex against Listeria
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November 2011
€ 1,24 million grant awarded to Micreos-headed consortium
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May 2011
USDA Approves LISTEX™ as a processing aid.
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March 2011
EU reports a sharp 19% increase in Listeriosis cases in the EU.
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January 2011
SALMONELEX™ approved by Dutch CBG for field trials.
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September 2010
Health Canada approves LISTEX™ as processing aid.
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July 2010
TNO Expert Opinion on safety of LISTEX™ P100.
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April 2010
EBI Food Safety appoints Wim Nuboer as Chief Operating Officer.
January 2010
LISTEX™ Significantly Reduces Listeria monocytogenes on Raw Salmon Fillet Tissue.
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As of May 2011 EBI Food Safety has changed it's name to MICREOS Food Safety.

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